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Welcome To Buying Your First House

This site is dedicated to the first-time homebuyer from the perspective of a first-time homebuyer.  Buying your first house can be a confusing, error-proned experience. Your purchase is, most likely, the largest investment of your lifetime. With the tips provided on this site and the author’s Guide To Buying Your First House, your home purchase should be one of the most prudent investments of your life.


The Theory Behind Forced Savings

© Norine Peardon

Introduction To The Theory

In a recent article, Gary North disclosed his theory that young people purchase homes because they are looking for forced saving.  I totally disagree with North.  One of the primary necessities in life is providing housing for ourselves.  We can do this in one of three ways financially.  We can rent (no equity), we can buy or we can leech (also, no equity).   Forced saving is not necessarily a part of these decisions, but providing housing is.  The only reason, I can comprehend for forced savings, is if you had wealth and wanted to build on that wealth.  Most young people are not this fortunate and must start somewhere.  Once you have reached the age of 18 or thereabouts, your whole life will change.  Welcome to the world of rent or own!

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Buying Your First House And Down The Road

© Norine Peardon

Buying your home for the first time can be a really scary adventure! The stress can even create health problems. If you prepare yourself for buying your first house and down the road, you can eliminate most of the problems.

Start out by thinking about the home you can live in. How many bedrooms do you need? Can you live with one full bathroom? Do you need a large yard? Remember, existing homes were built with someone else’s idea of what they needed in housing.

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Start The Process of Buying Your First Home

© Norine Peardon, 2011

You have decided, it is time to purchase your first house. You are tired of seeing your rent payments gone with no personal equity. Where do you start the process of buying your first house? The first step is to ascertain how much house you can afford. This is actually pretty simple.

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Older Homes Present Opportunity

© Norine Peardon, 2011

As you become familiar with your first old house, you will find ways to correct the inperfections. This article will demonstrate just some ideas on what you can do. Most of the following ideas are inexpensive. After all, following the purchase of your first house, there is not much money left.

Your house is bare. Your furniture that more than filled your apartment now is not enough for the space you have. Rummage sales may provide some answers to your barren dilemma. Prices at rummage sales can be negotiated and you may walk away with a real find. Also, check out framed pictures at rummage sales because, you may not like the current picture, but it can be changed to something that is more in tune with your liking. New picture frames are very expensive.

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Buy A House Now or Never


The Best Time in History to Buy a House
By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Friday, January 28, 2011

“Right now, is the best time in history to buy a house in America.”

Dr. Sjuggerud is an associate for Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

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Foreclosure Woes

© Norine Peardon, 2010

If your mortgage is at a very large bank, you have made a mistake!  Trying to work out a solution to your deficiency is very complicated and the service is lousy.

A friend was delinquent with her mortgage payments.  She had owned her property for 37 years.  The bank filed the papers to put the property in receivership (foreclosure action) to the bank.  The friend immediately phoned the bank to see if there was anything she could do.  She worked out a plan with the bank to reduce her payments and followed through for 13 months of on-time, full, adjusted payments.  When she attempted to make the 14th payment, the bank returned it.

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What’s In Buying A House For You?

What is in buying a house for you? Our basic needs are housing, food and transportation. Notice, housing is number 1. Under housing, we have rentals, owning and other forms of providing housing such as sleeping in your car or the street. The last two have some severe obstacles.

Renting is a great alternative to buying except in our current economy environment. Once you pay your rent, the money is gone, spent! As a general rule, personal privacy falls to the wayside when renting. Your rent will probably not buy as much as your mortgage payments will.

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Your First House Has An Old Furnace

Should you replace it? In today’s times, everything is energy efficient. So let’s take a look at options.

When money is in short supply, obviously, it would be imprudent to replace your old furnace. Or is it imprudent?

It depends on your circumstances for the most part. Yes, the investment in a new furnace is a costly expenditure but the savings may be greater than the cost of heating your home with your present obsolete furnace. With gas and oil utility rates ever increasing, a calculation of present cost versus cost with a new furnace or heating system should be carefully analyzed.

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The American Dream

The first time you fulfill the “American Dream” in buying your first house is a real adventure. Terms like title, title company, escrow, mortgage, fha requirements, inspection all seem pretty foreign. In this case, “learn from experience” is not the best way to go. You can buy smart with a little training.

Your investment is too large to just “learn by experience”. For example, you will have to decide which type mortgage suits your needs the best. Your investment meaning downpayment. If you are considering purchasing a home priced at $100,000, then you would need $10,000 to $20,000 as a downpayment. Would you just hand that kind of money over to someone you didn’t know and have yet to trust? I am sure you would not without considering many things prior to doing it. A “learning curve” would not be the best approach.

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